Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy the token ?

The token is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. It means you need a wallet compatible with the BSC. Many different wallets exist. The most commonly used is Metamask. All the information to create a wallet is available on Binance Academy

When your wallet is ready, you have to transfer some BNB from your favorite exchange to your wallet.You should always keep a small amount of BNB to pay the gas fees. It is mandatory to validate the transactions.

Once your BNB is on your wallet, you have to go on an BSC exchange platform. You can use Pancakswap to buy or sell the Opkee token. You may have to change the slippage tolerance to 9% or 10%.

Why can't I buy the token?

In most cases, the slippage tolerance is too small. Change it to 9% or 10%.

Another possibility is that you don't have enough BNB for the transaction fees.

How can I trust this token ?

The smart contract is publicly published on bscscan. Take the time to read it and understand how it works.

Founders are two senior developers. You are welcome to ask any question in the telegram channel.

What about the community?

Here are some links you can get started with