Technical overview of the Opkee system

Key points of the system

The Opkee system is based on a smart contract, it is a contract implementing the ERC20 and BEP20 standards. In addition to the methods of these classical standards for tokens, the Opkee smart contract contains several methods allowing to store an additional (and optional) information on each transaction, this information is unique and allows to know what the transaction is related to.

System Stakeholders

The customer

The customer does not need to have an account with the vendor, the opkee system only needs the address of the customer's wallet. For this, the customer must use a compatible tool such as Metamask.

The Opkee smart contract

The Opkee smart contract records each transaction between a customer and a vendor wallet. For each of those transactions, textual information can be added to store a product reference or an order number, this information is free and its interpretation is under the responsibility of the vendor.

Like all tokens, the Opkee smart contract is a cryptographic asset that can also be held for speculation.

The vendor

Thanks to the Opkee system, the vendor can sell products using the Opkee smart contract as an unfalsifiable database. Query methods integrated into the Opkee smart contract allow the vendor to verify that a customer has indeed purchased something and to provide him the content or product he has purchased. To do this, the vendor has several possibilities, the simplest is to use services offered by the opkee website but it is also possible to develop your own application server. The Opkee application server code is open source, you can use it to create your own application server.

Sales with the Opkee token

[under development, see roadmap].

Use the ready-to-use service provided by

The website will provide a ready to use service to sell products without any development.
Simply declare your products via the website, the products are then on sale on our marketplace.
Your shop will be accessible in the form of a url such as
To see your sales, you can use the Opkee dashboard.

Develop your own service

The code of Opkee services is open source on GitHub, so you can adapt the code to your needs and have a completely customized system.
It is also possible to make your own site using the libraries provided by Opkee in open source.
It is planned to provide javascript, nodeJS, php and C# libraries.
Plugins/addons for the most popular CMS are planned so that you will be able to use the Opkee payment on your wordpress blog for example.